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Device Description  
L2330 Coordinate Transformer  
L2340 Digital Synthesizer  
L29C525 Dual Pipeline Register  
L4C381 16-bit Cascadable ALU  
LF2242 12/16-bit Half-Band Interpolating/Decimating Digital Filter  
LF2246 11 x 10-bit Image Filter  
LF2247 Image Filter with Coefficient RAM  
LF2250 12 x 10-bit Matrix Multiplier  
LF2272 Colorspace Converter/Corrector (3 x 12-bits)  
LF2301 Image Resampling Sequencer  
LF3304 4K x 12 Dual FIFOs  
LF3310 Horizontal/Vertical Digital Image Filter  
LF3311 Horizontal/Vertical Digital Image Filter
LF3320 Horizontal Digital Image Filter  
LF3321 Horizontal Digital Image Filter
LF3330 Vertical Digital Image Filter  
LF3347 High-Speed Image Filter with Coefficient RAM  
LF43168 Dual 8-Tap FIR Filter  
LF48212 12 x 12-bit Alpha Mixer  
LF48410 1024 x 24-bit Video Histogrammer  
LF48908 Two Dimensional Convolver  
LMA2010 16 x 16-bit Multiplier-Accumulator  
LMS12 12-bit Cascadable Multiplier-Summer  
LMU18 16 x 16-bit Parallel Multiplier, 32 Outputs  
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