LF3370 - High-Definition Video Format Converter  

The LF3370 is a video format converter capable of operating at HDTV rates. The LF3370 can convert to and from any of the various SDTV/HDTV formats, utilizing an internal 3 X 3 matrix multiplier and two 1:2 interpolation / 2:1 decimation half-band filters. The LF3370 can accept and output interleaved or non-interleaved video, 4:2:2:4, 4:4:4:4, RGB/key, and YUV/key video formats.

  • 83 MHz Data Rate for HDTV Applications
  • Supports Multiple Video Formats Bi-Directional Conversions:
    • 4:2:2:4
    • 4:4:4:4
    • R/G/B/Key
    • Y/U/V/Key
  • Multiplexed and Non-multiplexed I/O Data
  • User-Programmable:
    • 3x3 Colorspace Converter
    • LUT for Gamma Correction
    • I/O Bias Compensation
    • Bypass Capability
  • 13-bit Data Path, Colorspace Converter Coefficients and Key Channel Scaling Coefficients
  • 160 Lead PQFP
For more INFORMATION: 1-408-542-5400 or
Part Number Package Mechanical Drawing
LF3370QC12 Plastic Quad Flatpack 160-pin Q6
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· Application Notes
  · PLD Control of the LF™ Interface
· LF3370 Format Conversion - YCbCr to RGB
· LF3370 Format Conversion - RGB to YCbCr
· Using Data Bypass with the LF3370
· LF3370 Clock and Data Synchronization
· Behavioral Models
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