Arithmetic Functions  
Device Description  
L2330 16x16-bit Coordinate Transformer  
L2340 Digital Synthesizer  
L29C525 16 x 8-bit Dual 8-Deep Pipeline Register (1-16 Stages)  
L4C381 16-bit Cascadable ALU  
LMA1010 16 x 16-bit Multiplier-Accumulator  
LMA2010 16 x 16-bit Multiplier-Accumulator  
LMS12 12 x 12 + 26-bit Cascadable Multiplier-Summer, FIR  
LMU18 16 x 16-bit Parallel Multiplier (32 Outputs)  
LPR520 4 x 16-bit Multilevel Pipeline Register (1-4 Stages)  

LOGIC Devices continues to supply legacy DSP building blocks such as ALUs, Multipliers, DDS blocks, Coordinate Transformers, and Pipeline Registers.

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